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Winners of the 2022 & 2023 Durban Tourism Tour Guide Awards

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Award winning Tour Guides Ruth Hagen & Lynne Schwan have been bestowed with the prestigious Durban Tourism Award in the Tour Guide category of the year for 2022 and again in 2023 by Durban Tourism Business Awards.  The award was given for guiding, going beyond the call of duty to make a tourist experience worthwhile and outstanding contributions to Durban’s Tourism Industry.


Durban is a vibrant melting pot of culture, history, architecture, natural splendor, beauty and diversity. No other South African city embraces the cultural melting pot that is Mzanzi quite as spectacularly as our tropical and cosmopolitan city. From our cuisine to our lingo, Durban is all that South Africa is and hopes to be. With its unique pulse, the city is both energetic and laid back all at once, and it’s this very tempo that attracts people to visit and keep returning.


Ushaka Marine World is a world class entertainment theme park and has the largest aquarium in the Southern Hemisphere. It is located on Durban’s Golden Mile which is also one of Durban’s main attractions. If you are an active person who enjoys jogging, cycling, or walking you will surely love it. It also features numerous Zulu arts and craft stalls.


Durban also has fantastic golf courses one of them being the Royal Durban Golf Club, one of the few golf courses to be situated in the city in the middle of a racehorse track where the Famous Durban July is held.


Durban has a strong link with India as the first boat carrying indentured labourers arrived in 1860; the majority of Indian labourers worked on the sugar plantations.  The strong Indian influence can be felt throughout the city with the many temples, mosques and markets selling fruit, vegetables and spices.  Durban is also famous for curry and bunny chow.


There is no better way to see Durban than on foot with a local!

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