King’s House

King’s House

Kings House now called Dr John L Dube House 

The Governor of Durban’s first marine residence was at 21 St Andrews Street (now Diakonia Avenue) where the Durban Music School is situated today. 

In 1875 the town council set aside GBP3,000 for the building of an official residence in Albert Park but it was declined as the site was described “wild land covered with forest”.
King’s House now called Dr John L Dube House

In 1876 government bought the house that Hugh Gillespie built in St Andrews Street named Portsdown. It was considered large enough for a governor’s residence with a hall, dining and drawing rooms, office and five bedrooms. This residence then became the Portsdown Hotel. 

In 1904 King’s House was built in Eastbourne Road, Morningside – the Chief Architect of the Department of Public Works, A.E. Dainton, in association with a Pietermaritzburg firm of architects, Stott and Kirby, carried out the design. On 29 June 1904 Sir Henry Bale, the Chief Justice of natal became the first occupant at King’s House. 

Sir Henry McCallum was the first Governor to stay at King’s House.

In 1947 the Royal Family stayed at Kings House – certain alterations had to be done to accommodate the Royal Family, one of which the installation of more fire places.

(One of my new destination walks to Manor House will incorporate a walk past this home).

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