Umgeni – pre 1906

umgeni river

Umgeni – pre 1906

Umgeni – pre 1906

I love this extract from a book titled – Twentieth century impressions of Natal. 

Umgeni is the next place reached, and hundreds of people spend their week-ends at this spot, or go out on Sundays. It is within rickshaw distance of Durban Town Hall, and a favorite method of spending a few hours is to take a ride out to this popular resort. 

A striking feature of the scenery is Umgeni Hill, from the summit of which stands out a remarkable candelabra cactus tree, which, silhouetted against the sky, makes a fine picture. 

Umgeni is famous for its fruit gardens, and, besides has the largest ironworks in the Colony, extensive wool-washeries, a coffee factory, a distillery and a cigar and tobacco factory; it is; in short, a busy little centre. 

The Umgeni River is one of the show spots near Durban; the scenery is exceptionally fine, and views of the Indian Ocean can also be obtained. 

Passing on, the traveler arrives at Greenwood Park, where there are still remains of the dense forest which covered the land when Lieutenant Farewell first saw it. This is also a residential suburb. Some small game is found here, while one of the sights of the village is the deep cutting through Red Hill. There is quite an English appearance about the place, but the semi-tropical plants bring home to the visitor that he is in darkest Africa. 

(Reading in another book about The Queens Bridge (first bridge built over the Umgeni River) – there was alot of rivalry between the Umgeni folk and the Durban folk – the hot headed youths of Durban called the country folk “Bullock Thumpers”.)

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